The Intersection? What could that possibly be?!?(a.k.a An Explanation of the Intersection)

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The Intersection? What could that possibly be?!?(a.k.a An Explanation of the Intersection)

Post by Ivyleaf on Sun May 29, 2016 12:19 am

Now, in a universe full of different worlds, there has to be a way to travel from one to the other, right? Welp, this is it. The Intersection. This is a place that can show up as however you imagine it as, from a postmodern space station to a simple intersection in the road across your street. So, how does your character get here, exactly? What does your character do? How do they travel different worlds? Can you live in the Intersection? That is what this post will address.

Getting to the Intersection:

In the mysterious world of the Renegade Realms, your character  born with no way of getting to the Intersection. Their soul isn't powerful enough to possibly handle this crossroads that leads to all the worlds, and it would surely kill you if you tried to travel there. The solution found to travel here, then, is the stat of Soul Points, or SP. They allow you to rank up to different levels, strengthening your soul as you progress in life. After a certain number of points, you gain access to the Intersection, and you will receive a small tattoo of a cross to put wherever you want. Any time you wish to enter, simply press on the tattoo, and head to the nearest Intersection of any sort, whether it be train station or whatnot.

The level required to enter the Intersection is Lvl. 3

What You Can Do:

Okay. Yay. Sweet. We can enter this mysterious Intersection, now what do we do? Stand around with our hands in our pockets and is more that piece of trash over there on the ground? I mean, it sure is pretty and all but... yeah. Okay. There are many things you can do in the Intersection, chief of all being the fact that this is the only way you can travel to different worlds. In the Intersection, each path/train/potato leads to a different world here, paths you can only unlock with Soul Keys. There will be explanations on these later, for now, just follow along and pretend you understand. Secondly, this can be a place to make socials and rp. No dur, right? Well, time doesn't exactly flow here, so everything that happens is suspended in time. You can spend as long a time as you want in the Intersection, but step out and it's still the same time, no one dies, la di da. This is because some worlds function with different time than others, so the Intersection must be neutral in some way. Third of all, you can do quests. These quests are more difficult than most, but offer amazing rewards such as Soul Keys. They can occur in the Intersection, or all throughout the universe. Finally, this is a place where one of the most important organizations of this known universe exists. The Hidden is an organization formed for the sole purpose of keeping the world in balance. They can have up to ten members at a time, some of the most powerful figures in the universe. They don't discriminate, and accept anyone with great power and who promise to maintain balance.

Soul Keys:

In the Intersection, there are many possible quests you could complete. These quests are special compared to others because of how the rewards you receive usually include a Soul Key. Soul Keys are the objects that can be used to open paths to other worlds. By completing a quest and taking a key, your character can now enter one other world. The more keys you get, the more places you can go. Entering a world grants you a whole new set of abilities, quests, and possible plot ideas, so obtaining a Soul Key is extremely advantageous. Quests can be found (link).

The Intersection as a World:

As for living in the Intersection and treating it like a world, well it gets a little complicated. As the Intersection isn't really a world, there has to be special requirements for staying inside, right? Well, the one way you can stay is by becoming a part of the secret society known as The Hidden(ikr? So creative). Not only do The Hidden maintain balance in the universes, they also run the Intersection. This means they live here, receive benefits from it, and are charged with watching for illegal/dangerous activity. You may sign up for a position as part of The Hidden (link here).


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